Our Difference

Reorient and Rewire

Filling knowledge gaps is essential, but getting leaders ready to succeed in this fast paced, unpredictable environment requires a more fundamental rewiring and reorientation.

We intuitively know leaders learn and change most effectively through experience. Neuroscience provides evidence showing that deeper learning and real change occur when people are actively engaged, emotionally hooked, and have opportunities to practice and learn from their errors. This level of engagement and cognition does more than add knowledge, it has the power to shift patterns of thinking and change behavior.

Taken together, these things call for a shift in our education and development models and a rebalancing of the core design elements — content, context and experience.

Our design methodology incorporates the right balance of content, context, and experiences for any solution, whether it’s a program on managerial fundamentals or an in-market immersion for senior executives. The experiences vary widely in format, from metaphoric to hyper-realistic — always geared towards specific learning outcomes.

This approach enables leaders not only to learn, but also to change and adapt to new challenges.

Results that Matter

We customize solutions that enable leaders to adapt and move the organization forward. Our global footprint and diverse set of clients enable us to bring unique global insight to new situations. Coupling this with local sensibilities and delivery capabilities that come from working in over 80 countries, enables us to create and deliver high-quality solutions anywhere in the world.

Creativity and Flexibility

We offer creativity and flexibility by drawing on an extensive, globally diverse range of educators and learning methodologies. Working with great clients across industries provides the depth and accumulated knowledge to quickly make connections between a problem and possible solutions. We also agree with Einstein who said “imagination is more important than knowledge.” Interesting problems allow us to push our thinking and create new solutions for you.

Co-Creation and Partnership

To us, partnership means listening, leading and owning. We listen because your business context matters and every situation is unique. We lead with ideas founded on our experience and insight, but we believe the best results come from an iterative and collaborative process. And, we feel a deep sense of ownership to care for all the details that lead to an outstanding participant and client experience.

Consistent Excellence

Duke Corporate Education has been ranked among the top three providers in the world for the past 19 years by the Financial Times and ranked #1 by Bloomberg BusinessWeek  and the Financial Times for 12 years in a row (2003-2014).