Duke CE Leadership Series – Episode 7: Confirmation

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The Agile Dashboard with Joe Perfetti

October 1, 2019 – 11:00 AM ET

As executives, we use dashboards to monitor the performance and health of our businesses. Traditional metrics like sales, revenue, margin, return on equity and total shareholder return are common and important metrics. But today, in the age of disruption, do we need different, more forward-looking metrics to indicate if our business is agile enough to win the marketplace tomorrow?

The Agile Dashboard was developed to help organizations address this gap by creating a set of more forward-looking, predictive metrics centered on: Speed, Interactivity, and Pivot. This session will explain why speed, the level and type of interactivity with customers and the external environment and the ability to pivot are the building blocks of agility. We will also provide the metrics for each and share examples of their applicability in organizations.