Natalie Maroun

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Managing Director,
The Performance Agency

Natalie Maroun is the Founding Partner and Managing Director of The Performance Agency, a Johannesburg-based management consultancy. She has spent the 22 years interrogating performance, specifically the contexts and the triggers that build better workplaces and liberate peak performance in individuals and teams.

Prior to founding The Performance Agency, Natalie co-founded LRMG, where she held the titles of chief strategist, senior partner and Managing Director.

With over 28 years of strategic consultant experience, Natalie has partnered with some of the most successful multinational companies across Africa, the Middle East and around the world, including Absa, BHP Billiton, Discovery, Engen, Old Mutual, OMNIA, Standard Bank, SASOL, Telkom, Total and Vodacom. Throughout an impactful career at the dynamic coalface of performance, Natalie’s work has centred around one critical question: How do organisations create the environment, the culture and the context in which their people are able to thrive, not only professionally, but also personally and, in the process, remain agile, resilient and future fit.

Over this period, she’s come to an important and disruptive realisation about the nature of organisational performance. And, critically, about the new models and mindsets necessary to help organisations create the contexts in which peak performance becomes possible. “I feel immense privilege to have found myself in a space where I have been able to pursue my great passion to solve complex performance problems daily,” she says.

“I have absolute faith in what we are doing at TPA. I am incredibly proud of the change we bring to the businesses and people we work with every day. I have an unshakeable belief that, together, working towards solutions that bridge people and performance, business can dare to take on the impossible.”