Ellen McGirt

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Fortune Magazine

Ellen McGirt is an editor at FORTUNE, where she established the race and leadership beat in 2016. In addition to long-form magazine features, she writes RaceAhead, a regular column on race and inclusion in corporate life and beyond. The column has received a New York Press Club Award, a National Headliner Award, and the Steven Heller Prize for Commentary from the AIGA.

She is the editorial director of FORTUNE Connect, a membership community of purpose-driven executives focused on making the world better through business, and the co-host of Fortune’s Leadership Next podcast which explores the changing rules of business leadership. In her past lives, she’s written for Money, Time, and Fast Company, where she wrote or contributed to more than twenty cover stories and created the digital series The 30 Second MBA.

In 2022 she launched Sweet Equity Media, an independent, virtual newsroom producing journalism that fosters a deeper understanding of the roots in inequity on a local and national level. The New York City native now mostly lives in the Midwest with her family. Ask her about fly-fishing if you get a chance.