Dr. Becky Ellis

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User Research and Certification Manager, Arm

Dr. Becky Ellis is Arm Education’s User Research and Certification Manager, based at Arm’s Cambridge office, leading on the practical application of a user-centred approach to both Arm’s education and research enablement offerings.

Becky has also led Arm Education’s new approach to certification through digital badging and credentialing. She’s taken the findings of user research to create contextual content with Duke CE around the Internet of Things, in order to help Arm Education’s learners understand how and why technology developments matter in a global context and particularly for supporting emerging economies on the African continent.

Becky has worked in education for 20 years in a huge diversity of roles, most recently developing from scratch and managing a large scale skills certification programme called the UEA Award at the University of East Anglia, where she was appointed co-chair of the AGCAS Skills Award Task Group, the national body for skills awards in Higher Education. Becky is passionate about empowering others and outcomes data showed the UEA Award particularly supported female students in building evidence and confidence for their future careers. Becky’s background is as an academic in the fields of computing sciences and sociology.

She’s best known for her research on eBay, authoring a book chapter in Everyday eBay, the ground-breaking scholarly analysis of that Internet marketplace, as well as leading to widespread media interest including an article in Australian Vogue and appearances on the BBC. Her Ph.D. “Constructions of home” on identify performance through material culture in the home space was written through a Feminist Geography lens, and Becky retains a strong interest as a reflective practitioner in diversity and inclusion issues in academic life and the workplace.

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