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September 2022

Calculator showing "GAAP" on its screen, on a desk covered with charts and pens

Mind the GAAP

Why do companies provide non-standard profit numbers as part of their financial reporting? Every investor wants their company[…] Read More

Graphic designed image of a blue hand planting seeds into a red brain

Working with influence

Increase your impact with these nine science-based principles of persuasion. What do you think influence means? In most[…] Read More

Young black female office worder gazes out of tall building window at the city below

Hidden identity

Why do so many black leaders feel the need to downplay their blackness at work? The importance of[…] Read More

June 2022

Customization for all

Customization for all

Markets are a fiction that can obscure consumers’ real needs. Businesses need to engage with their customers’ inherent[…] Read More

A new relationship

A new relationship

Transforming your business’s customer relationships starts with understanding their experiences. In theory, digital technologies make it possible for[…] Read More

Hire for the team

Hire for the team

Diversity always does better. So why don’t we recruit for it? We assume that businesses try their best[…] Read More