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September 2022

Diversity and inclusion

A job for everyone

June 2021

Hiring for diversity-related roles is booming. It’s a good first step for organizations seeking to become more inclusive[…] Read More

Ben Walker

A leading voice in design thinking

September 2019

Ben Walker meets Duke Corporate Education’s Renaissance Man Others are perhaps the greatest observers your own characteristics. “People have extended opportunities to me that I didn’t see myself,” says Justin[…] Read More

A new relationship

A new relationship

June 2022

Transforming your business’s customer relationships starts with understanding their experiences. In theory, digital technologies make it possible for[…] Read More

Abstract image of the Chinese flag covered by an image of Earth

A new role for China

March 2022

China is not just a fast-growing market or supply chain hub. For global companies, it’s an increasingly important[…] Read More

A new Sputnik moment?

A new Sputnik moment?

September 2023

In a divided world, the mobilization of private resources is crucial for addressing societal needs. Government strategies have[…] Read More