About Duke CE Asia

Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing geographies in the world, and Duke CE has had a strong presence in the region for years. Our office in Singapore supports clients across Asia, ranging from India to Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand, and the team also supports clients in the Middle East. In these countries we partner in a broad spectrum of industries, including: telecommunications, financial services, energy, construction-related sectors, consulting, and manufacturing. The complex mixture of countries, cultures, and business practices, coupled with a wide range of economies, from emerging to mature, has afforded us the unique opportunity to help clients navigate a diverse array of important leadership issues and opportunities. Duke CE’s custom approach means that our programs are designed to fit each organization’s unique context, creating more effective and lasting impact.

Duke CE has worked with over 25 clients headquartered in Asia, delivering programs in over 20 Asian countries

Leadership for What’s Next

In today’s volatile, unpredictable world, our traditional pillars of organizational stability—strategy, business models, and capabilities—are being continually challenged. We believe there is great opportunity inherent in this volatility, but organizations are at risk of losing their way if they hang on to old models of success.

The greatest problems facing organizations today no longer fit in neat categories such as operational, financial or technological. Our biggest challenges are more complex and blurred—and therefore more human. That is why leadership is more important now than ever before. So is context. Innovation, culture change, agility and shifts in behaviors and mindsets are the new change agenda. And, leaders are under pressure to accelerate their readiness for this new world.

Optimizing internal strengths and executing a good strategy is no longer enough. To succeed, organizations have to be more agile, adaptive and able to accelerate. In this environment, leaders are the greatest levers to see and seize these new opportunities and create organizations that can thrive.

Leaders need to be ready to step up to a new role—one that embraces different ways of perceiving the world, making sense of it and catalyzing action.

Our Values

At Duke CE our work with clients often touches on how leaders can live their company’s values. From this work we’ve learned that values should be actionable as much as they need to be authentic. In our work with our clients and each other, we hold to these five value-based behaviors:

  1. Be a steward of value
    • Conserve and create financial and human worth
  2. Assume positive intent
    • Seek clarity and employ a constructive frame of mind
  3. Anything is possible
    • Imagine and strive for bold objectives
  4. Melt boundaries
    • Collaborate and share resources across groups
  5. Make others great
    • Acknowledge and catalyze contributions and potential