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Leadership For A Better World

Don’t have time to rewatch the two-hour global virtual summit? Read the highlights of the November 19th event.

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A Global Virtual Summit
Session Date: 19 November 2020

The future has arrived earlier than expected.

Covid-19 is as much a time machine as it is a virus. 2020 has been the most disruptive year of this century, accelerating change in business, work, technology and health. Where companies once had time to strategize for the future, now they must pivot in the present and brace themselves for what happens next.

On 19 November 2020, Duke Corporate Education assembled top business leaders and thinkers for a free two-hour, high impact virtual summit — The Davos of Human Capital: Leadership for a Better World.

3,000+ global leaders attended the live event to hear experienced leaders share their insights and strategies on how to respond to a very different world post-pandemic — and make it a better place.

“We should consider for a moment

that changing behavior is the same as

launching a space rocket.”

Professor Dan Ariely

2020 Keynote Speaker

Event Agenda

Iman Rappetti

Global Check-In

Iman Rappetti, award-winning journalist and author

Welcome message from Duke CE teams around the world.

Sharmla Chetty

What Matters Now for What Happens Next

Sharmla Chetty, President of Global Markets, Duke Corporate Education

Duke CE welcomes you to The Davos of Human Capital 2020 and highlights the importance of Human Capital for a Better World.

The New Imperative: Business as a Force for Good

Bill Boulding, Dean and J.B. Fuqua Professor at The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Covid-19 has been economically and socially devastating for countries across the globe. We have witnessed how this global health crisis quickly evolved to become an economic and social crisis, as well as a crisis of leadership. How can businesses step up in advancing the common good while leading society in an opportunity to create a better future?

Frank Breitling

Back to the Future: Catapulted into Tomorrow

Frank Breitling, Managing Director and Partner, BCG (Boston Consulting Group)

The Boston Consulting Group shares insights across multiple industries as employers rethink the future of work, creativity, connection and collaboration. With no ‘one size’ fits all model the clock is ticking for companies to determine their path to prosperity. The impact on customers and employees will shake up the market place and deliver new winners and losers.

Global CEO panel

Leading Minds: Moving from Crises to a Better World

Michael Chavez

Chief Executive Officer, Duke Corporate Education

Roongrote Rangsiyopash

President and Chief Executive Officer, SCG

Adrian Gore

Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Limited

Dr Priya Agrawal

Dr. Priya Agrawal

Managing Director, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa Cluster, MSD (Merck & Co, USA)

A select group of business leaders from key industries reveal their strategies for change, and the challenges they must overcome. This panel will reveal critical insights into collaboration, partnerships, and rethinking the private sector’s role in transformation. Get a real-time update from chief executives during a time of global uncertainty.

Global HR Panel

Only Human: Creating High-Performance Cultures Post-Pandemic

Vishal Patel

Vishal Patel

Global Managing Director, Duke Corporate Education

Shelie Gustafason

Shelie Gustafson

Chief Human Resource Officer, Jacobs

Dr. Virginia Bastian

Dr. Virginia Bastian

HR Group Manager, Nestlé Deutschland

Lisbeth Nielsen

Lisbeth Nielsen

VP HR, Head of Workforce & Location Strategy, Nokia

Dr. Thokozile Lewanika Mpupuni

Group Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent, ABSA

Brian Callaghan

Brian Callaghan

VP Resourcing, Leadership Development & Learning, ArcelorMittal

Salwa Amar

Salwa Amar

Head of International Markets at Linkedin Learning, LinkedIn

Humanity’s fragility was exposed by the Covid-19 virus. In a post-pandemic world how we prioritize people to drive performance and develop sustainable corporate cultures will be the hallmark of great companies.

Leading human resources managers and chief learning officers across the globe share valuable lessons learned, from creating meaningful employee experiences to using data analytics to achieve a healthier workforce for tomorrow.

How to Rocket Boost Society

Professor Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics, Duke University

We are unable to share Dan Ariely’s live session in the recording. However, we invite you to read more about this session in the executive summary. You can also check out some of Dan Ariely’s video content here on his website.

Humanity’s potential is far higher than our performance. What are the behavioural factors limiting our progress and achievements?

Our keynote speaker is a TED Talks superstar, best-selling author and globally recognised leader in the field of Behaviour Economics and Psychology. Professor Dan Ariely from the Institute of Advanced Hindsight, examines the frictions holding us back and the fuel which drives human performance to take off like a rocket.

Professor Ariely offers groundbreaking insights into what will be required from leaders in this new epoch of disruption.

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