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Insights: Pandemic

Phil Young

Not surviving but thriving

June 2021

Some firms have seized the opportunities created by the pandemic. The downsides have been well documented. Few businesses[…] Read More

Quick off the mark

Quick off the mark

September 2020

Epidemiologist Dr. Jonathan Quick called the coronavirus crisis before many were conscious of it. How is he feeling[…] Read More

Rita Gunther McGrath

Rebalancing interests

March 2021

The pandemic revealed the limits of red-in-tooth-and-claw capitalism. The pandemic has taught us many lessons. One of the[…] Read More

The age of empowerment

The age of empowerment

December 2021

One chief executive is no longer enough. It’s time for organizations to make distributed leadership a reality. We[…] Read More

Find, develop, and leverage talent

The six looking glasses

December 2021

Does your organization need to find, develop and leverage talent? Look through a different lens. Consider recruiters screening[…] Read More