Global HR Director Fellowship

Shaping the Future for Your Organisation

Beginning December 2019

In today’s increasingly complex world, organisations must adapt and find new sources of competitive advantage — or face disruption. For organisations that know how to harness them, change and volatility present opportunities. HR leaders of today must prepare their organisations to embrace these opportunities and thrive in a complex environment.

Beginning December 2019, Duke Corporate Education will host the Global HR Director Fellowship, bringing together 30 carefully-selected HR leaders from around the globe and Duke CE’s own leadership experts in an interactive learning experience to discuss their most pressing HR challenges and shape the future of talent development for their organisations. Through a variety of learning modalities, including online learning, face-to-face events and connections with Duke CE’s global network of resources, the Fellowship will address today’s top HR challenges, including artificial intelligence (AI) and the intersection of humanity and technology, the strategic role of HR, talent development, leadership and learning, and HR transformation for the future of work.

This event will:


By the end of the programme, participants will have:

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Face-to-Face Forum

To learn more or apply to attend, contact Jeremy Kourdi at