Diversity and Inclusion

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In today’s business climate, customers and potential employees are looking for organizations that mirror the diversity of the broader society. Those leaders who can attract a diverse team, and then inspire and engage their people, will drive innovation and exceptional results.

Today there is no reason NOT to have a diverse workforce. Companies should be made up of people with different personal and professional backgrounds, different skills and capabilities, different life experiences and expertise. The real issue is how leaders use that diverse talent. Do they have a strong culture and dominant processes that drive conformity in thought and behavior? Do they themselves-deliberately or inadvertently-inhibit their teams from sharing data and ideas? If so, they gain no advantage to having a breadth of perspective to draw on. Their organizations will continue to fall behind, aligned to an environment that no longer exists.

At Duke CE, we believe that leadership is the primary lever for business success. Great leaders in a VUCA world recognize that change is not discretely timed; it might wane but never disappears. These leaders help their organizations gain competitive advantage by building agility, adaptability and inclusion. Duke CE offers virtual, blended or face-to-face workshops that help transform organizations and get leaders ready for what’s next.

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A Blueprint for Balance: Time to Fix the Broken Windows
Duke CE’s Maureen Vontz led a research project with the Chartered Management Institute on achieving gender balance in the workplace.