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Leadership in a Social Age

What impact does the social age have on the way leaders have to turn up and lead? Duke CE Educator, Sudhanshu Palsule and Frank Guglielmo write that leaders must move away from fitting individual development to external standards, so they can undertake personal journeys of discovery and growth.
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In the latest issue of Dialogue, delivered through the Duke CE and LID publishing partnership, experts share thinking about forecasting the future of technology, the rise of machines, and how companies are using technology to innovate and boost productivity.
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The latest from Dialogue

Rewiring business for tomorrow's world: read about the future of technology, journeys of discovery for the social age, new models for sustainability that generate profit, and much more..

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Sensor technology transforming Bosch

Global giant Bosch shares with Dialogue how they are using sensor technology to innovate and the importance of the Asia Pacific region in this effort.

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Using people strategy as a driver for change

Sandeep Gandhi, VP of HR at Aircel telecommunications, discusses using people strategy as a driver for organizational change.

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Opinion: Leadership notes from the future

CEO Mike Canning outlines his leadership notes for the future, following an educational experience in Silicon Valley for a group of senior leaders.

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Duke CE #1 for 12th year, Financial Times

Duke Corporate Education has been ranked the world’s #1 provider of custom executive education for the 12th consecutive year, according to the 12 May edition of the Financial Times. Duke CE has also been named the top provider of custom executive education programs in BusinessWeek’s biennial survey six consecutive times (2003-2013).
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Duke CE Africa launches a new program

Duke CE Africa launches a Global Executive Development Program aimed at developing global business executives who can lead collaboratively and innovatively in today's rapidly changing environment.

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Women Leading Africa

Gender equality in leadership is a topic of interest worldwide. Around the world women are vastly underrepresented at the board level of organizations. In Africa, between 3-4 percent of all directors and board members are women. In an effort to enhance women’s presence in board representation in Africa, Duke Corporate Education Africa has developed the Women Leading Africa “Board Leadership–Voices of the Future” initiative. 

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Preparing leaders for an uncharted world

Context matters more than ever to leadership today. QUEST creates an immersive learning context in which experiential learning and intense coaching are combined to transform mindsets and behaviors. Leaders recognize their default thinking and patterns, and develop new approaches for success.

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Leading in Context

When Duke CE interviewed almost 40 CEOs from around the world for its 2013 CEO Study, the themes that emerged highlighted the changing nature of assumptions about the world, the marketplace and leadership authority.

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See Mike Canning's TEDx, "From Analytics to Awareness."