Duke CE Leadership Series: Episode 4

Traditional job frameworks are becoming obsolete. Our current work environment is demanding new and adaptive skill sets of workers as the result of disruption, automation and technology. These dynamics are impacting how we learn and work. Chris Shipley and Heather McGowan, sought-after thought leaders in the education and technology innovation sectors and founders of Work to Learn, investigate the future of learning in the workplace in their research and upcoming book to be published in 2019. Learn more about Heather, Chris and their work at www.futureislearning.com.

We must move from learning in order to work to working in order to learn continuously and prepare ourselves for the unknowns of continuous change. The fourth industrial revolution liberates us from the work of processing and executing routine tasks best done by the machines. This shift in work places pressure on us to rethink our systems of work and learning, and even how we describe work itself. We should now think of work as learning or capacity building. In this view, the creation of products and services provide evidence that learning and capacity-building are taking place. On the webinar, we’ll discuss how to re-imagine the career arc, and re-think and re-tool our organizations for a very different future of work and learning.

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